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LA Dodgers play their home games at Dodgers stadium, before moving to their current home of Dodgers stadium they played their four seasons at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Dodgers share a rivalry with San Diego Padres, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and San Francisco Giants. They won 6 World Series titles.

Dodgers Stadium Seating Plan

Dodgers Stadium Seating Plan

Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful stadium! And it is a great place for a baseball game. The fans were terrible; they had no respect for the fans of other teams. At such places, there should be food and drinks of good quality, the stall holders should raise the quality of all the eatables they sell. We eat a tasteless food by paying high price and the ticket price was also high for a game like baseball. Only the game and the stadium were good, all the other things were disappointing. I will not go again at any cost!


    I was in the stadium to watch the match of Los Angeles Dodgers team because it is one of favorite team. I was happy to saw the live match in the stadium.

    Lynn cai

    LA Dodgers team have a great players and also great coach with good management. I really like their matches and want to see again and again.


    My brother is crazy for the Angeles Dodgers team. He never miss the any single match of this team.


    I missed the last three matches due to work load of office but now I watched those matches on internet.

    Gordon is the best website ever for cheap Los Angeles Dodgers tickets! Their service is really good. The experience of match was very good. The players plays with effectiveness.


    For baseball fans it's good to pass the free time watching the baseball match and everyone has its favorite team, mine is LA Dodgers. It is a good team but I am disappointed that from last few years the team is not performing well and the luck is down. I have visited the stadiums to watch the game many times and every time the match was good but it also depends on luck to win or lose. As my favorite team I will support it and I would like to recommend it to everyone.


    Watching and play baseball is my hobby. I can leave anything for this. Last match I could not see live due to some ticket problem. But I wish I could see next match live.

    Halen Parker

    In last match both teams made the crowed very excited. They played mind blowing. I really enjoyed and wish to see next time again.


    I was so sad when I could not go for the match. But I really enjoyed on TV. I will buy ticket in next match before time.